Arrival in the Netherlands

Does Jobpertunity arrange my trip to the Netherlands?

You are responsible for organizing and funding your own transportation to the Netherlands, including airfare. When you arrive at the airport you will be picked up by your contactperson. Your contact will take you to your prepared house or appartment and explain the neccessary details or answer questions you might have.

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Everything you need to know when arriving in the Netherlands

When should I buy my plane ticket after being hired?

As soon as the start date is known you can start looking for a ticket to fly to Amsterdam.

What is a BSN / Sofi number?

A BSN (burgerservicenummer) is the citizen service number, a unique registration number for everyone who lives in the Netherlands.

The BSN will facilitate any interaction with the Dutch authorities: starting a job, opening a bank account, deducting your taxes and social security contributions, using the healthcare system, applying for benefits, announcing a change of address etc. It is also used to combat identity fraud and misspelled names.

Is internet included in the renting-contract?

While some apartments may be listed as “Internet ready,” this does not always mean that there is immediate Internet access. It may take up to a month after moving in to be able to use the Internet.

Can I bring my mobile phone to the Netherlands?

Yes, if your mobile device is SIM free, you will be able to purchase a Dutch SIM with domestic carriers such as KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Simpel, Hollandse Nieuwe and so on.

Can I bring my laptop to the Netherlands?

In most cases, yes. Modern laptop computers can be powered by a range of voltages. You are advised to contact your laptop or electronic device manufacturer or retailer for definitive information. Electricity in the Netherlands is supplied at 220 volts.

Which sockets are used in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands the power plugs and sockets are of type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. When bringing electronic devices from countries with different socket types we advise to bring a travel adapter.

Registering at the City hall 

Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to register in the Basic Registration Persons (BRP). The BRP contains personal details of residency in the Netherlands (residents) and information from people who have left the Netherlands (non-residents). Municipalities keep personal data of citizens in the BRP. When someone marries, has a child or moves, this is recorded.

The citizen service number (BSN – Burgerservicenummer) is issued with the first registration in the BRP. The BSN is a unique personal number for all contacts with the government, health insurers and employers. As an employer, we provide full support during the immigration procedure and we make sure that the highly skilled worker has all the necessary documents. We also provide support to arrange a Citizen Service number (BSN abbreviation for Burgerservicenummer), a Dutch bank account and the right residence documents.

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