We are looking for a IT project manager

The Project Manager is the spider in the web between the Sales team, Product Management team and Innovations team with respect to big cross-departmental projects with a strategic value for the company.

The Job

  • The complete management of own, assigned projects is the number 1 responsibility.

  • Ensure that the project permanently meets all requirements with regard to legislation, time, budget and wishes of all parties involved.

  • Work out operational processes in procedures.

  • Delve into various projects related to Innovations team

  • Researching solutions for various issues.

  • Support in the design, implementation and execution of various projects.

  • Analyzing control data, reporting and initiating any actions.

  • Active role in communication between colleagues and stakeholders such as Team leads innovations, Sales, PMT but also customers.

  • Supervising work meetings with the involved teams.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor or Master degree or related studies with a large IT component

  • Minimum of 5 years experience as a IT Project Manager

  • You have experience talking to Product / Software Teams

  • You have affinity or experience within the food/agricultural/animal industry

  • Excellent social and communicative skills

  • Flexible and pragmatic attitude, entrepeneurial and a team player

  • You have experience with Agile/Scrum methodology


Jobpertunity b.v. is a job agency with the ability to sponsor highly skilled immigrants from outside of the European Union to the Netherlands. Our customers are usually high tech companies looking for workers for a long term solution to fill up their shortage of vacancies due to our aging population