Recruiting Process

What is the general 
recruitment process?

First you apply for one of the job offers on our website by sending a letter of intent, your resume, video resume and both personality test results. Please clearly state for which position you are applying.

After we receive your full application we send this to the company and when they show interest you will have a Whatsapp, IMO or Skype interview with the hiring director of the company in question.

When you are accepted Jobpertunity handles the paperwork and sponsores your Visa. We will guide you through the whole process of immigration and everything else needed to make you a legal resident in the Netherlands.

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Step by step
recruitment process


Apply for a position

Send your letter of intent, your resume and create your video resume for your future employer in the Netherlands.


Personality test results

To finish the application process we need the results of these two tests: Belbin Team Roles and the personlity test.


Video interview

After we receive a positive respons from the company you applied for we arrange a video interview.



Once you’ve been accepted by the company we start the immigration process and provide you with the neccessary information.

How long before I find out if I have been hired?

The decision to hire you is made by the company you had an interview with. The moment we hear that depends on the company. Normally we know within a week after the interview. Please note that we cannot process your application or determine if you are a successful candidate until we have received all of the required documentation.

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Everything you need to know about our recruitment process

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How to make a video resume & Skype interview

To properly introduce you to a possibly interested company we highly recommend you make a video resume with a brief introduction. In this video you can give a brief introduction about who you are, your work history, your education history and your personal interests.

In addition to video resumes, you will also have a Skype interviews with us and possibly with your future employer. This will help both parties to determine wether you are a good fit for the company and the current team.

We recommend checking the videos mentioned below to prepare yourself best as possible for your video resume and Skype interviews.

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