Visa application

How do I get my visa for the Netherlands?

When all the necessary documents are available to us and signed we apply for a combined permit for residence and work (MVV). We submit the request to the IND, whereupon the IND requests the UWV for a recommendation on the scarcity on the Dutch labour market.

When the MVV is approved we will receive a letter and you can collect it at the Dutch embassy in the your native country. When you are in the Netherlands you will also have to go to the IND to pick up the permit.

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What documents do
I need for my Visa?

To complete the visa process swiftly we need all of the documents as described in this list in addition to your application.

1. A copy of the photo page/inside cover of your valid passport

If you do not have a passport valid for the next 2 years, we recommend you apply for one immediately and have it processed as quickly as possible. Passport processing times are unpredictable.

2. Your personal resume

Preferably in word-format and should be written in English.

3. A photocopy of your highest education diploma

Preferably in PDF-format and should be written in English.

4. The grade list of every year of your highest education

The grade lists are need to complete the visa process for the IND.

5. Antecedents statement (criminal background check)

Jobpertunity provides you with an antecedents statement you will have to fill in.

6. Declaration of intend to undergo a TBC test

For health and safety regulations all people from outside of the European Union need to undergo a TBC test.

7. The MVV issue form

The MVV issue form.

8. References of your former employer(s)

The IND requires a reference of a former employer to apply for a visa. We recommend that you provide 2 or more references.

9. Excel form - IND long stay visa residence permit

We will provide you with an excel format once accepted, in which you need to complete the requested information.

10. Signed contracts

When your application is accepted by the company we will send you a written contract in Dutch and English.

Who can apply
for the IND visa proces?

To be eligible for a visa you need to meet certain requirements. The highly skilled immigrant procedure scheme is created to make the Netherlands attractive to professionals who are needed to strengthen the Dutch economy, culture and science research. This scheme has simplified the procedure of bringing highly educated employees to the Netherlands. However, strict legislation and regulations do apply, both for the application procedure as for the completion of the work and salary.

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Additional conditions 

Besides the conditions that apply to all migrants with a nationality other than EU/EER and Switzerland, the following applies to highly skilled workers:

1. You must have an employment contract with an employer or research institution in the Netherlands which is a recognized sponsor by the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Services (IND). Jobpertunity is a recognized sponsor;

2. You will earn sufficient income;

3. The agreed wage is in accordance with market conditions.

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